Welcome to the official home of Morbid Approach

Morbid Approach is a solo project of Andreas Altwein - the ex-guitarist of the German metal band Krachomantik. The goal of this project is to make music freely available to the world and to show people new aspects of life to be aware of (therefore the name Morbid Approach).

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As written above, this is a solo project. This means all music and melody was written by Andreas Altwein and also played by himself. Therefor the following hardware was used:

  • Ibanez JEM 77BFP
  • Ibanez GRG 121DX
  • Laney Ironheart 60 Head
  • Vision Bass
  • Hydrogen drum machine
  • Sure SM57 and Sure SM58 microphones
  • Focusrite Scarelett 2i2 interface
  • Ardour 5 DAW
  • Calf plugins for Ardour
  • Audacity audio editor
  • Jamin Mastering Tool

All software is running under the great, legendary, well designed artist operating system: Ubuntu-Studio.