About Morbid Approach

Morbid Approach has been founded by the guitar player Andreas Altwein somewhere in 2016 and kept as a solo project until today due to missing musicians which wanted to participate.

The style of the band has been quite influenced by Satchel from Steel Panther and Mick Mars from Motley Crue. However, Andreas never tried to copy the musical style of these bands, but penetrated the good old 80's and 90's Glam Metal with his own flavor.

The basic idea behind this band is having fun by passionately living and playing music. Glam metal, which went underground in the early 90's, beaten down by Hipster-Music-Styles like Grunge, is not dead at all. As said, it just went underground, but there's still a large community of guys and girls which would sell their soul to the devil at a crossroad - just to see raising up all these glamorous Glam Metal bands again.

So what, here we are ... still burning for our music, still loving our style ...