About Morbid Approach and its author

On this page you can read some personal information about me and the project Morbid Approach.

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The author

The author of this website and Morbid Approach, that's me: Andreas Altwein. I was born in 1971 and started playing the guitar with the age of 12. That was 1983 and I can tell you that times were different compared with today. There was no Internet and guitar teachers were expensive. So I learned playing gospel songs in our church with my fathers old western guitar.
Just a little later I started listing to Heavy Metal, mostly Iron Maiden, AC/DC and such stuff. I was dreaming of an electric guitar for a long time, before I eventually get one at the age of 16.
I started to copy my idols, not good, but with passion. I meet other musicians in our local youth club, we learned from each other and some day at the end of the 80s, we started our own band which we called Kermit and the space pigs. This band broke up some years later. We all had to much to do with our own lifes in order to devote ourselves totally to the music. So I played just for myself for more than 20 years. The good thing was that I've learned much more than I'd have learned in our band. On the other hand playing all alone have been some kind of boring. So I started over with all this Rock'n Roll stuff in 2015.

The start over

Starting over with 40+ years is not as easy as it might sound. I was looking for a new band for about two years. Most of the time the candidates were to much away from my hometown, to young or were into some kind of music I don't like too much (death metal and such things).
During this dry spell I started my solo project Morbid Approach. It was not meant to be a real band, but should result in own written songs. So it was. I wrote nine songs and put them onto this website, and right after I was finished with my first CD I met this guys from a band called Krachomantik wich told me they're making heavy metal with german lyrics and were also looking for a guitarist.
This first album was called "Son of a guinea pig". Today it is not available anymore, because much of that material became or might become material for Krachomantik (except that one song called "Dacing on your grave" which you still can find in the video section of this site and was dedicated to my deceased sister).

Morbid Approach reloaded

After I decided to close the old album for the public I reloaded Morbid Approach. The idea behind is the same, but henceforth I try to divide he music of my band and of my solo project more than before. That'll result in some harder sounds for my solo project.
What I wanted Morbid Approach to be, is still the same: it should be some hardrock / metal music, influenced by Californian bands like Ugly Kid Joe - whereupon it's more the lifestyle than the actual music that influences my solo project.
I'm not a friend of dark, evil music, but I like hard music, and I like California. That resulted in "unevil" lyrics about life and lifestyle and in a logo which looks more like the logo of a comic than the writing of a metal band.
The sound itself is different. I don't rely on a special style. My songs have elements of Hardrock, classic heavy metal, but also influenced by new metal. How the next songs sound depends a lot on my mood.

Where I am is where I go

Okay, here I am. Here's my site. Here's my music. All I can offer to you, I offer on this website. I believe that there's no more need for more words. I just hope you enjoy your stay, and if you like you can follow me on facebook (or twitter) by clicking on the symbols at the bottom of each of this pages.

I know I'm not famous, and most likeley I'll never be, but nevertheless I'd like to thank my parents for supporting me during my youth by suffering my passion for heavy metal. I also would like to thank my sister Claudia for encouraging me to be myself when I got stuck in loss of self-confidence.