CD: Intentions of fate

Intentions of fate is my second solo album. It's dedicated to all those people who believe in fate and often asked themself, what the intention of fate could be if it strikes again. I believe that the truth is: nobody really knows, but after all we all hope that there is an intention of fate, a leader who takes care of us, no matter if this leader is called God, angel, nature or just fate.

You can pre-listen to (parts of) the single tracks of this CD at the bottom. If the CD is completely recorded, you also may download the complete CD as a ZIP file with MP3s in the audio section. Release date for "Intentions of fate" is the Dec, 24th 2017.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License
# Name Player Download
2 Never been there DOWNLOAD
3 Passion DOWNLOAD
4 Backseat of my Cadillac DOWNLOAD
5 Trip into heaven DOWNLOAD
6 Intentions of fate DOWNLOAD
7 Talking to the dead DOWNLOAD
8 Inhale the stars DOWNLOAD
9 Princess of the rabbit hole DOWNLOAD
10 Ghosttrain DOWNLOAD
11 Superhero DOWNLOAD
12 For the old times' sake DOWNLOAD
13 Different by nature DOWNLOAD