The ultimative Homestudio HOWTO

 Desktop of my homestudioI started making music in the 80's. In this years we did not have all the tech stuff the youth has today. We did not have PCs, we did not have cell phones, guitar amp modellers and all that cool gimmicks of the present days. Even professional sound studios of the 80's would have been astounded about the possibilities of today.

Serial multitrack recording for solo artists have never been easier. You don't need ten thousands of Dollars to get your gear and you don't have to be a professional audio engineer to get your gear running and produce some reasonably sophisticated songs by your own.

However, you'll need some hardware and you'll need some knowledge. If you are new to home recording, this section might be of interest for you, because I'm not only showing you what you will need to record your own songs, I'll also tell you some tips and tricks to sail round the pitfalls.

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