My guitars

First of all: I'm not a guitar collector by definition. I am a guitar player which means that I play the guitars that I own. If I don't play the guitar, then there's no need to own it. Just my 2 cents for all the "guitarists" which can't get enough guitars and never play them (the same applies to other gear like pedals, but this is another story which will be handled on another page).

Charvel Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK Yellow Bengale (YB)

The Satchel Signature from Charvel is a real bad ass guitar. I fell in love with her when I visited our local music store in 2019, but hesitated about one year before I bought it. And what should I say? I don't regret it! To say it with Satchel's words: "This is awesome!"

This piece of glam is tuned in standard E and I mainly use it at home.

Ibanez JEM 77P BlueFloralPattern (BFP)

I'm an adorer of the Ibanez JEM since it came out, not only because I like Ibanez guitars, but also because I really appreciate the guitar playing skills of Steve Vai (the JEM is the signature of Steve Vai). The price of this guitar was something which hold me off to buy it. But when the BFP came out ..... total crush .... so, here we go.

This guitar is tuned in Drop D and I use it at home only when covering songs which are not in standard tuning. I really hate drop tunings, but sometimes you can't get without it.

 Kramer Pacer Vintage OB Tiger

Another bad ass guitar which has been played by Steel Panther guitarist Satchel. It's not really a signature, but the guitar he was playing most often before he got his signature from Charvel. I use this guitar with my band and at home as alternative to the Charvel. The neck is more narrow than the neck of the Ibanez or the Charvel, and it only has passive pickups (as opposed to the Charvel), but I really love the finish of this guitar. It's so fucking hot, so old-schooled, so ... simply awesome.

 The tuning of the guitar is also standard E, although I was thinking about tuning it down to standard D# so that I do not have to use a drop pedal when covering Steel Panther songs, but that would mean that I cannot play it with my band or on stage. So, I think it will stay in this tuning.

Yamaha Pacifica 112

I have this guitar for quite a while and it has changed color for several times. When I became a Steel Panther Junkie, I varnished it in neon green. I rarely play this guitar, but when I'm around with the Rockin'1000 I use it, because it's the only guitar not afraid to leave at a stadium with lots of people.