Check out Tommy at the drums (3-23-21)

As you may know we've been looking for someone at the drums for quite some time.
However, it's a hard time for bands during the prolonged restrictions due to Covid. But we spared no expense or effort for video conferencing, WhatsApp messaging and other technical gadgets, and here we go...
In March 2021 we finally got contacted by Tommy, a highly gifted and motivated drummer. We checked out his material, his mindset, we sent him songs to perform with and after all we gotta say: he's the guy!
Within the next month, we're gonna record our stuff again in our home studio environment and hope that we'll rock again in our rehearsal room, soon after Covid got a fucking drum stick up it's ass.

New band line-up (12-31-20)

Like many of you may have heard, Morbid Approach has two new band members, so that we can get started as a live band when all this Covid stuff is over.
Please welcome ...

Nikki Seven on the bass guitar
Flo Stonebreaker on the mic