For the old times' sake

Release Date: 1/3/2021

Morbid Approach ยท For the old times' sake


Verse I

Sitting all alone here, watching the stars
an ashtray on the messy floor
Thinking of the old times and smoking cigars
Try to recall all your senseless scores
Never reached a goal, never hit the ball
Perception of your boring past
Driving with high speed right into the wall
You've been living your life too fast

Verse II

Memories appear, try to flood your brain
Improving your bad state of mind
The feeling of the past running through your veins
Your dejection is blown in the wind
Lose yourself in pleasure, cover you in heat
Reality is far away
Walking down the past like an endless street
Drop your frown and walk the hidden way

Verse III

Awareness blown away โ€“ welcome to your dreams
following a mystical rule
Full of enchantment, your heart is full of screams
The history is serving as fuel
Never waking up, caught in endless nights
Respecting all your hidden lust
Spread your arms and fly, into light
For the old times' sake you must


For the old times' sake โ€“ I raise my glass
have a drink on you and me
For the old times' sake โ€“ loyality to past
cause I know that time's a thief