Ghost Train

Release Date: 11/22/2020

Morbid Approach ยท Ghost Train


Verse I

A metal tube, cold and gloomy
neon lights on the floor
Lies and rumors about dead roomies
Lust for blood and for more

Verse II

Frosty hands grasping for you
shivers down on your spine
You cannot breath, your face turning blue
Your feet are wading in slime

Verse III

A bell is ringing, stop at a station
your heart beat's calming down
And endless journey trhough the undead's nation
to an unknown town


Don't you look around, don't open your eyes
You better wouldn't be here
Better block your ears and ignore the cries
of the spook that you fear


We are driving in a ghost train
in a ghost train we ride
headless ghosts wearing iron chains
There's no place to hide