Inhale the Stars

Release Date: 11/3/2020

Morbid Approach · Inhale the stars


Verse I

A bad condition – in my head
can't wait to close my eyelids
Feeling crappy, almost dead
anxious like a young kid
Draw the curtain – I need it black
ignore the noise inside my mind
Running circles, forth and back
Leave my fear behind

Verse II

A bad condition – in my place
Ain't give a fuck for what you're sayin'
Mental dust – mindless haze
Get outta my way
Ain't got no love here, no sex at all
Craving for some greasy pussy
Please cum over and hear my call
I like it shaved and juicy


I inhale the stars
ease my mind and collecting power
I travel to the Mars
ease my mind and stop to glower