Intentions of Fate

Release Date: 11/5/2020

Morbid Approach · Intentions of Fate


Verse I

A broken wrist – good job and promotion - cancer‘s eating your life
Nice vacation, you dive into ocean – threatened with a knife
Lost a soulmate – rewarding investments – your mind is burning alive
Birth of your daugther, damn disappointment – socially deprived

Verse II

The fate you believe in, is more than believing - it steers and drowns your pride
Everytime you were deceiving – some of your fate has died
Believe in nothing, trust in your fate – Take it like a man
Gulp your pride, carve up your hate – try to slacken your ban

Verse III

Somewhere in heaven, under a palm tree – fate is curling up
it‘s eating some cookies, drinking valium tea – from an opium cup
It looks at the people, a smile and a laughter – it feels like God on dope
An evil grin from the hereafter – fate is raving all hope


The intentions of fate
are values you can‘t trade
Don‘t try to influence, don‘t even cry or bother
Don‘t call your fate a pipe dream – it‘s your tether