Release Date: 11/29/2020

Morbid Approach · Superhero


Verse I

He's not a good father
neither a good husband or a son
Never dressed befitting
but see him face-to face ain't mean no fun

Verse II

Home at Gotham city
An abbandoned phone box to change his look
Muscle mass and green skin
He's the wickest nightmare of bad boys and rooks

Verse III

He breaks the heart of all women
When he gets some dinner he don't have to pay
The star of school boys and children
He's looking through any skirt with his x-ray

Verse IV

A ladies' man and a redneck
A millionaire with conduct and gentleman-like
Behaves like Charlie Harper
A superhero with a billion girls on his side


Superhero – do it one more time
please dance the bad boy boogie and sing this rhyme
Superhero – rock the city to the ground
Let the girls fall into love and give us one more round