Trip into Heaven

Release Date: 10/28/2020

Morbid Approach · Trip into Heaven


Verse I

Riding into the sunset – the moon is rising
Ignoring my mindset – stop analyzing
Lost my money, lost my home but I don‘t care
Spread my wings and swing up in the air – I meet you there

Verse II

Sitting somewhere in heaven – nude angels dancing
Flyin‘ to cloud number seven – my eyes are glacing
I have never seen you this way before
Lying naked on the heaven‘s floor – my beloved whore

Verse III

You‘re wrapped in cotton candy – a godamn seduction
your lust is coming in handy – juice in production
I‘ll take your body and I‘ll give you mine
Your love is flashing thru‘ my jerking spine – I can‘t decline


Trip into heaven – my mind is tumbling
Trip into heaven – my sanity gets sore
Trip into heaven – my bones are rumbling
Trip into heaven – gonna need some more